Your brand may be adorable. Or head strong, street smart, quirky or fearless. Desirable, absolutely. But your brand in the wrong conversations will still experience the awkward humanity of being, the odd one out.

Because your brand is not really a person. But you, dear marketer, are.

You’ve taken the time to develop an intricate content marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals. You’ve engaged on social media, with mixed success, and now you are looking for ideas on how to activate your strategy and achieve greater depth in your audience engagement.

There are two challenges in activating social media. What content to create? And what channels to distribute that content on?

The answer to both those questions lays at the whim of your audience, and you need someone to guide you. Through the web of inception and onto the screens of the person who really needs what you are offering. After all, what is an audience but a group of individuals who despite all their differences, somehow all turned up or tuned in for the same experience?

You need a champion, but not just any champion.

That’s what a great influencer is.

A person who was once like you, but had enough. They risked it all, to share their story consistently through social media channels, to bond with an audience through shared experience, or shared aspiration. Your brand cannot offer that kind of solace or connection with your audience.

But working with a great influencer will allow you to connect with a group of people with a humanity that can serve your most specific business goals.

It’s time to stop forcing your brand to be a person, and you be one. Reach out to an influencer who gets what you offer. Someone you can work with creatively and be received by their network with generous relief.