In the world of social media, your Instagram bio is prime real estate.

Bios give you a place to create a concise representation of who you are and what you offer right up front. Whether you’re an influencer, content creator, or entrepreneur, crafting an effective bio can significantly impact your visibility, credibility, and opportunities for collaboration.

Our lead creator manager, Jenna Tarabek, crafted a list of essential elements to include in your Instagram bio. This list is accompanied by insights and recommendations from our seasoned creator agency team.

what to put in a instagram bio

1. Consistent Name and Handle

Pro tip: your name and handle should be consistent across all platforms.

what to put in bio instagram

This consistency makes you easily searchable and recognizable, both to your audience and potential brand partners. Imagine the frustration of trying to find someone across different platforms, only to encounter varying usernames. Consistency eliminates this hassle and streamlines the process for everyone involved.

2. Define Your Niche

Clearly state your niche or area of expertise in your bio. This not only helps your followers understand what to expect from your content but also aids brands in identifying relevant creators for their campaigns.

what to put in ig bio

Keywords can be powerful tools for discovery, so make sure your bio reflects the themes and topics you specialize in.

3. Personal Touch

Add a personal touch by sharing a brief overview of yourself and your content. Let people know what sets you apart and why they should follow you.

what to put as your bio on instagram

Providing this glimpse into your personality and style can attract like-minded individuals and foster a stronger connection with your audience.

4. Business Email


Not Linktree. Not the email button… YOUR B-I-O!!.

This small yet crucial detail can make a significant difference in securing collaboration opportunities. 99% of brands are sourcing for campaigns on their computer, where there is *no* email button on the web version of Instagram or TikTok.

what should i put as my instagram bio

Brands often work with tight deadlines and need to contact creators efficiently. By placing your email prominently in your bio, you make it easy for brands to reach out and streamline the communication process.

5. Location

More and more campaigns are becoming location specific.

Whether it is by religion, state, or city, brands are wanting creators in certain areas. If they don’t know where you are based, you could be missing out on a ton of collaborations.

what to put in my instagram bio

If you’re concerned about privacy, you can generalize your location (e.g., city or state) to maintain a level of discretion while still providing valuable information to brands.

6. Centralized Links

We don’t care if it is Linktree, hoo.be, beacons, milkshake or something else… ALL creators should have a central link in their bios where people can find everything they are looking for in one place.

In these centralized links include things like:

  • Affiliate Profiles:
    • LTK 
    • Amazon
    • ShopMy 
    • Revolve 
    • Etc.
  • LINKS TO OTHER SOCIALS (so important) 
  • Email — should 100% be in your bio, but you can also include here!
instagram bio tips

In summary, your Instagram bio serves as a crucial gateway to your online presence.

By incorporating these elements and best practices, you can optimize your bio to attract followers, engage brands, and unlock new opportunities in the digital landscape.

Remember, your bio is not just a description — it’s a strategic tool for growth and success.