Let’s discuss – what is the value of influencer marketing, and why is it so prominent? 

When influencers and brands come together for strategic partnerships, typically you see a much larger audience reached than with traditional advertising. Sometimes you may notice when scrolling through Instagram that multiple influencers are partnering with the same company, at the same time – this is no coincidence. Collectively, a group of influencers partaking in a campaign-style rollout will reach a significant number of followers, and many will be repeat followers (meaning the same follower could follow multiple influencers partaking in the same partnership.) Depending on what a brand’s goal is from a partnership, this repeat exposure will help facilitate the process of getting that brand to its goal, whether it’s brand awareness or conversions. 

However, the strategic element of brand and influencer partnerships is essential. Followers want to know that the influencers they follow are authentic in their recommendations and brand partnerships, and we are seeing a huge rise in open discussion among influencers about this. Influencers who are transparent and honest about the brands they are working with have much higher credibility among their followers. And thus, a brand who strategically partners with said influencers will typically see a much higher ROI than in traditional advertising or non-strategic influencer partnerships. 

Working with an agency on both the brand and influencer side can help aid this process. When a brand approaches us with a campaign, we work with our influencer roster, network, and sourcing team to gauge interest and work together to find a good fit for the partnership. From there, we work together to advocate for both parties – and then, a beautiful brand partnership is born.