Vlogmas. This coined term seems to be known by all nowadays, but when did Vlogmas come to be? Where did it come from? 

If you have never spent time on YouTube during the holidays – you may not know what exactly Vlogmas is. Vlogmas is a holiday-themed event that happens throughout the month of December, where YouTube Creators vlog every day leading up to Christmas (and some go until New Years!) While Vlogmas is very much a fun holiday tradition, it’s also a challenge for the creators themselves – and many prep for weeks or even months ahead of time to make it less stressful. 

Legends say Vlogmas started all the way back in 2011 by one of the OG YouTube Creators, Ingrid Nilsen (once known as Miss Glamorazzi.) Ingrid coined the term “Vlogmas” (Video Blog + Christmas) and started making videos every day of December leading up to Christmas. 

Even for the casual lifestyle Vlogger, Vlogmas season can be overwhelming, so it’s best to plan out content in advance. It’s important that the vlogs still fit your niche and theme of your channel, so if you’re a beauty vlogger, for example, creating 24 days of makeup looks could be your plan. 

From a profit perspective, the potential to earn during Vlogmas is also quite high, as most online personalities don’t post every single day throughout the year. Working with brands that cater to your niche and you personally love is a great way to get an added bonus out of Vlogmas – but be sure that you are only working with brands that are authentic and relevant to you and your audience. In addition to monetary incentives, the chances of growing your reach and improving audience retention during this time is completely possible. 

Since the start of Vlogmas over 10 years ago, we’ve seen the popular tradition evolve to other platforms and adapt in different ways. This year, we’re seeing an influx in creators partaking in Vlogmas on TikTok. Due to the nature of the platform, this seems to be a much more low-stress and manageable take on the tradition if you’re not quite ready to fully dive into the YouTube scene. 

So, what do you think? Have you watched Vlogmas over the years? We’ve been watching Vlogmas since the beginning, and personally think the short-form version over on platforms like TikTok are a great, digestible (and less time intensive) take on the fun holiday tradition.