The Instagram Algorithm seems to change more often than the average user can keep up with, and everyone wants to know why. The answer is actually quite simple, but it doesn’t necessarily resonate with Instagram users. 

TikTok – really, that’s it. TikTok is Instagrams biggest competition and is scrambling to keep up. Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri took to Twitter in June and discussed the changes to Instagram’s algorithm, what the app favors, and so much more insider information. According to Adam, Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app. Video-based content (Reels, IGTV) are favoured over photos and they no longer want to be seen as a “square-photo sharing app.” Mind blown? Us too. 

This leaves businesses and influencers having to pivot to video-based content in order to stay at the top of the algorithm, and leaves ordinary Instagram users who are simply trying to stay connected to friends, family, and a few of their favorite influencers – confused. 

If you are a brand that hasn’t taken the leap into influencer marketing, this is the time. Influencers, at their core, are content creators. Working with one who excels in video content can level-up your marketing plans, raise awareness, and bring eyes back to your brand. 

You may have seen the phrase “Make Instagram Casual Again” circulating amidst this news, and we’re curious – how do you feel about the new algorithm changes on Instagram? If you’re an influencer, how do you keep up with the ever-changing ways to stay at the top of your followers feed?