Tangle Teezer is a globally recognized brand revolutionizing the hairbrush industry with its innovative designs and technology. Tangle Teezer offers a wide range of brushes catering to various hair types and styling needs — a true favorite among both consumers and professional hairstylists.

In Q1, Tangle Teezer partnered with The Sociable Society to launch eight successful campaigns on TikTok and Instagram. These campaigns highlighted Tangle Teezer’s innovative hair brushes and showcased Pet Teezer’s exceptional dog grooming brushes. 

Tangle Teezer Q1 Campaign Overview with Comments

Through our influencer marketing strategy, the campaigns effectively targeted traffic to Tangle Teezer’s website, Amazon, and numerous retail partners, further solidifying the brand’s position as a leader in the hair care industry.

In this Tangle Teezer case study, we examine the brand’s strategies, obstacles at hand, and the critical tactics that led to their success. By leveraging strategic collaborations with creators and launching innovative influencer campaigns, Tangle Teezer effectively connected with their ideal audience and achieved remarkable brand growth.

Tangle Teezer’s Campaign Development and Execution

To showcase Tangle Teezer’s wide range of products, we partnered with influencers across several verticals on both TikTok and Instagram. Their content not only promoted the brand’s diverse product offerings but effectively drove traffic to Tangle Teezer’s website, Amazon store, and retail partners.  

Products featured in Tangle Teezer’s Q1 campaign included: the Pet Teezer Dog Grooming Brushes, The Ultimate Detangler, TUD Mini, TUD Naturally Curly, The Wide Tooth Comb, The Hair Pick, The Ultimate Styler, The Ultimate Teaser, and The Essential Detangler Fine & Fragile.

Tangle Teezer 2024 Q1 Campaign overview with followers, impressions, link clicks, and products featured

Platforms and Content

We targeted TikTok and Instagram, creating a total of 15 dedicated TikTok videos, 17 integrated TikTok videos, and 12 IG Reels. 

The campaign saw the involvement of 32 influencers on TikTok and 12 on Instagram, spanning across various niches such as Lifestyle, Beauty, Curly Hair, Pet Owners, and Moms/Family.

Q1 Tangle Teezer 2024 Influencer Campaign Strategy with Influencer Verticles and pieces of content

Tangle Teezer Case Study: Campaign Performance & Metrics

Overall, the campaign was immensely successful, achieving exceptional results on Instagram and TikTok, generating high website traffic, and showcasing the incredible performance of our top creators. 

The campaign reached a total of 10,850,500 followers, generating 2,104,601 impressions, 19,065 link clicks, and 69,664 engagements.

TikTok Campaign Performance

On TikTok, we reached 5,884,500 followers, with the content garnering 1,570,413 views, 18,894 link clicks, and 55,337 engagements.

Instagram Campaign Performance

Instagram saw a reach of 4,966,000 followers, 328,442 impressions, 171 link clicks, and 14,327 engagements.

Tangle Teezer 2024 Q1 Influencer Campaign Performance Breakdown divided by platform

Top Campaign Performers

The Walmart Essential Detangler Fine and Fragile TikTok campaign was a standout, achieving 759,543 views. 

The Integrated Trending Content Campaign generated the most organic clicks, totaling 1,306. 

Additionally, the Black History Month Campaign delivered the highest engagement rate at 9%.

Tangle Teezer Q1 2024 Campaign Performance by Top Performing Campaigns

Tangle Teezer Case Study: Conclusion

Our Q1 2024 campaign with Tangle Teezer highlighted our capability to generate significant reach and engagement across social media platforms. These insights will help refine our strategies for even greater success in future campaigns.

For further details or inquiries, contact our Co-Founder, Jay.

Thank you for your continued support!

The Sociable Society